Tree Surgery & Pole-Saw

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MWM's large selection of chainsaws gives us the ability to tackle a wide range of cross-cutting, pruning and firewood processing tasks. Benefits include:

• Extendable pole-saws allow us to remove unwanted growth up to 4 metres from ground level.

• High-performance Husqvarna chainsaws can efficiently process large-diameter fallen branches and trees.

• Our 4x4 quad bikes and all-terrain trailers enable us to access remote woodland and rural locations to process firewood or clear unwanted growth.

• MWM can use our Jo Beau chipper alongside the chainsaws to convert prunings into high-quality woodchip.

• When we're done, MWM can remove all waste material from your site, or we can process the cuttings into firewood for you to keep. 

Check out the manufacturer's video below to see the capabilities of Husqvarna's chainsaw range.

Please contact us for more information or to obtain a no-obligation quote.

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From: £ 40

There is a £10 surcharge for customers located within Zone B. Please see the Pricing page for full details.

Pricing is all-inclusive. There are no extra charges for haulage, consumables, fuel or machinery hire. There is no VAT to be paid on our pricing.

Prices include a single, experienced operator.

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