Ride-On Mowing

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Our Iseki SRA ride-on mowers are capable of dealing with thick vegetation, uneven ground and steep slopes. With an adjustable cutting height of 20-90 mm, the SRA can shred thick weeds or leave a lawn-like finish. Other benefits include:

• An 800 mm cutting width allows the SRA mowers to squeeze into tight spaces, perfect for mowing between newly planted saplings and around obstacles.

• The side-discharge deck has been specially designed to optimise the ejection of cut material, ensuring an even finish.

• An incredibly low centre of gravity and aggressive tyres allow the mowers to tackle sloping terrain.

• Powered by 500cc high-torque engines, our mowers use pivoting steel blades to cut through unwanted samplings, shrubs and weeds. 

• MWM's daily and half-daily pricing covers all fuel, blades, belts and consumables, meaning no extra charges, however challenging the terrain. 

Check out the manufacturer's video below to see the Iseki range in action.

Please contact us for more information or to obtain a no-obligation quote.

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From: £ 50

There is a £10 surcharge for customers located within Zone B. Please see the Pricing page for full details.

Pricing is all-inclusive. There are no extra charges for haulage, consumables, fuel or machinery hire. There is no VAT to be paid on our pricing.

Prices include a single, experienced operator.

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