Forestry Clearance Saw

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Our high-performance Stihl FS460 clearance saws are capable of cutting through thick vegetation, brambles, blackthorn and small saplings. Other benefits include:

• MWM's daily and half-daily pricing covers all fuel, blades and consumables, meaning no extra charges, however challenging the terrain.

• With a range of cutting and mulching blades, the Stihl clearance saw can efficiently process overgrown scrubland, leaving a fine, mulched finish.

• A compact, lightweight design allows our clearance saws into hard-to-reach locations like back gardens, land surrounding waterways and tight-access routes.

• The high-power Stihl machines are capable of cutting through thick blackthorn and saplings that would prove impassable for a traditional mower.

• The 4-point anti-vibration system fitted to our machines means less operator fatigue, allowing MWM to cover large areas of land more efficiently. 

• Our clearance saws are ideal for clearing unwanted growth in hard-to-access locations like riverbanks, orchards and near hazardous obstacles.

Check out the manufacturer's video below to see the Stihl range in action.

Please contact us for more information or to obtain a no-obligation quote.

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From: £40

There is a £10 surcharge for customers located within Zone B. Please see the Pricing page for full details.

Pricing is all-inclusive. There are no extra charges for haulage, consumables, fuel or machinery hire. There is no VAT to be paid on our pricing.

Prices include a single, experienced operator.

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