ATV Rotary Mowing

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For larger paddocks and fields, MWM use Polaris quads to pull powerful 700cc Etesia rotary toppers. The advantages include:

• Top of the range 23hp V-Twin powered Etesia mowers use hardened, swing-tip blades to cut through even the thickest vegetation.

Eight cutting positions (from 50 to 120 mm) and in-line wheels allow the Etesia mower to cut tall weeds or leave a smooth finish even when close to fences, trees and buildings.

• All our Polaris quads feature 4WD for superior traction on wet or hilly ground.

• With a maximum width of 1.2m, the Polaris ATV and Etesia mower can fit through tight gateways and cut between trees and obstacles.

• Our Polaris ATVs can cover more acerage per hour than traditional ride-on and pedestrian mowers, making them perfect for larger paddocks.

• MWM's daily and half-daily pricing covers all fuel, blades, belts and consumables, meaning no extra charges, however challenging the terrain.

Check out the manufacturer's video below for more details on the Polaris range.

Please contact us for more information or to obtain a no-obligation quote.

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From: £ 70

There is a £10 surcharge for customers located within Zone B. Please see the Pricing page for full details.

Pricing is all-inclusive. There are no extra charges for haulage, consumables, fuel or machinery hire. There is no VAT to be paid on our pricing.

Prices include a single, experienced operator.

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